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The Information SuperHighway is Super but it lacks one thing ...


B ~ GIFTS OF BOOKS - 24/7 Scrolls will be a highly specialized kind of library. We will only accept books or other documents that ...
1. Are not available on the Internet for free at the time of acquisition
2. Provide copies of or information about sources from antiquity or teach the languages necessary to understand them
3. Conform to the local Reference Hall acquisition plan and goals

E ~ GIFTS OF EQUIPMENT - 24/7 Scrolls needs media centers for lecture halls and network computers for both office and public use and other necessary equipment to create local networks with hotspots for those who wish to bring lap tops. Reference Halls will also normally provide snacks, coffee, tea and other beverages through vending machines. Furniture will be needed to make the Halls comfortable and useful but on a limited basis.


F ~ GIFTS OF FUNDS - Donations of any sort, including cash contributions may be designated as either cross-network or local. If your area does not yet have a 24/7 Scrolls Reference Hall you may still contribute locally. Your donations will be posted publicly and recognition and gratitude will be expressed unless you request anonymity. Corporations may also contribute or partner, receiving appropriate recognition, as well.

I ~ GIFTS OF INHERITANCE - Those who bequeath or donate via planned giving through wills, trusts, foundations or other similar vehicles will be remembered and appreciated in our halls and on our web site unless anonymous giving is requested. Please also inquire about matching funds programs available locally or across the 24/7 Scrolls network.

R ~ GIFTS OF REALTY - 24/7 Scrolls will be a tax exempt organization dedicated to the study of antiquities. This may fit in well with the goals of historical preservation supported by your community. There may be tax advantages to donating space you would normally lease or sell. Consult your accountant for details.

S ~ GIFTS OF SKILL - Paleontologists, Papyrologists, Archeologists, Linguists, Teachers and Assistants, Librarians, Web Developers, Information Technicians, Acquisitions Planners, Scribes, Managers, Lawyers, Accountants, Book Keepers, Grant Writers, Media Planners, Real Estate Planners, Builders, Contractors, Handymen, Craftsmen, Speakers, Hosts - and so much more.

T ~ GIFTS OF TIME - 24/7 Scrolls Reference Halls need to be staffed 24/7. In order to ensure accountability, a minimum of two staff members or trained volunteers must be in a Reference Hall at all times. Larger Reference Halls may require more help. Collections must be guarded 24/7 as the first imperative. Beyond that, meetings, lectures, media presentations and public relations and event planning is required. And like it or not, time also must be spent raising funds, producing financial reports and filing.

NOTE: Please note that 24/7 Scrolls has not applied for tax exempt status yet since the initial Board of Directors and corporate organization is still being formed. Contributions will be accepted in escrow at this time with this initial priority in mind. However, there are no current facilities so we cannot yet accept large contributions of books or equipment.

Thank you for your contributions! Be sure to visit our "Financials" link to see what has been donated so far and to confirm that you have been recognized for any donations you have made.