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The Information SuperHighway is Super but it lacks one thing ...

24/7 Scrolls Founder Sets Initial Goals
(April 30th, 2010 - Palm Beach Gardens, Florida) Obviously, the big news of the day is all presented here on the web site and it is the web site itself. We don't have a staff yet. There isn't any budget yet. We haven't taken in any donations. Nor is there a Board of Directors yet. So it is unreasonable to expect to see anything like a daily news report at this time. Who would have time to write it? Nevertheless, that is what we do hope for and anticipate. So why not put up just one article that might provide a sense of it?

In addition to news we will be adding a blogs link. This will provide a place for staff members to share their thoughts of the day - not just news. The news page will provide a progress report and feature some of our donors as significant events pertaining to us develop.

You may ask who the web master is. If there is not yet a budget how can we have a web site? And who is this mysterious "we" anyway? So far, the project is primarily the work of one person, the founder, James Carvin, who has built the web site, paid for the domains and hosting and provided its content. And the "we" is a combination of James, his loyal wife, and the people who, Lord willing, will join forces soon - both volunteers and staff.

So also is this news report the work of James. And so here it must be admitted that much has been written in the third person not only here but on the About page and other pages in the hope of quickly bringing on a core group of visionaries, staff and volunteers.

Short term goal: Find one donor/board member by June 1st, 2010 and incorporate
Mid-term goal: Add other members as necessary while completing business plan by June 30th, 2010 and determine location and cost of Reference Hall #1
Core Achievement One: Begin initial fundraising and open Reference Hall #1 by December 31st, 2010.